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Ts sakshi education study material for free by Job study life 5-

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Post-Gupta era
1. in keeping with Haiyan Tsang, what form of color is gift within the pantheon?
A) Brahmin
B) Hindustani
c) Vaishya
D) Shudra
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2. United Nations agency is that the king of North Asian country United Nations agency modified the capital of Kannauj from Locations?
A) Naravarana
b) Hindu deity avatar
c) Prabhakara ya
d) Harsh Vishana
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3. Vallabhji ruler United Nations agency lost to Harshuda?
A) Second Phrase
b) Second Prayer
c) Third Politician
d) Third Prayer
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4. Senapati United Nations agency crystal rectifier the Dwarka Yatra of Harshūna?
A) Dandi
b) Bhandi
c) Wrecket
d) witcher
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5. United Nations agency is that the title of ‘Sakkalathara Patheshwara’?
A) aperture
b) Shashanka
c) Harsha
d) Bhaskaravarma
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6. that kinfolk was the primary kinfolk in Indian history to honor rulers?
A) Satavahanas
b) Gups
c) Ishvakulu
d) Pushabhuti
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7. What color is Huihan Tsang delineated as agriculture?
A) Brahmins
b) Kshatriyas
c) Vaishyas
d) Shudras
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8. what’s the foremost common kind of abuse within the community of Harshushi?
A) Sati sahagamanam
b) dowry
c) kanyasulkam
d) a ban on widow wedding
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9. what’s the faith of the Harshad?
A) Hinduism
b) Buddhism
c) Jainism
d) Vaishnavism
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10. The prevailing faith within the times of Harisch?
A) Vaishnavana
B) Buddhism
c) Siva
D) Jain
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11. United Nations agency is that the last nice Hindu emperor to rule northern India?
A) marine
b ) harshavardan
c) second
moon moon d) yasodor
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12. King Rajputa and Seeladitya ar the kings of the throne?
A) Second Pulsekissi
b) 1st Mahendra Varma
c) Harshudu
D) Second Narasimhavarma
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13. the right order within the body divisions of the Harshushi period?
A) Bhukti – Subjects – Pathaka – Village
B) Contents – Village – Bhukti – Pathak
c) Pathaka – Bhukti – Contents – Village
D) Village – Bhukti – Subject – Matha
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14. what’s the which means of Shatrata?
A) taxes
b) troopers
c) caste
d) landlords
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In which specific place did Hindus organize the communal harmony?
A) Prayat
B) Pataliputra
c) Kannauj
D) Vallabhbhi
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16. what’s referred to as the Indian Napoleon?
A) Sir William Jones
b) VA Smith
C) HC Ramachoudari
d) kp Jayaswal
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Ts sakshi education study material for free by Job study life 5-
17. The second is Chandragupta’s death
A) the second rudder
b) the third rudder
c) the second rudrila
d) the third rudhasinah
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18. Gupta Raja, United Nations agency is that the title of ‘Adventure’ and ‘Shakari’?
A) 1st moonlight
B) Second moonlight
c) ocean gupta
d) Kumara gupta
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19. that giants ar the king’s poets?
A) old salt
b) Kacha gupta
c) second mooncloth
d) buddha
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20. The Chinese human United Nations agency visited Asian country throughout the second Chandragupta period?
A) It’s
B) Panchao
c) Haiyan Tsang
D) Phahian
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21. during which year did Hanihantang visit the Badami Chalukya kingdom?
A) 642
BC) 641
640 d) 639 AD
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22. Satyagraha is that the title of Chalukya king
A) the primary Pulakeshi
b) Second Pulakeshi
c) Second Vikramaditya
d) Second Vijayaditya
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23. that kinfolk is understood as Harital Pattu?
A) Pallas
b) State
c) C) Chalukyas
d) Watchers
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24. what’s the capital of Kadambulu?
A) Paddy
b) Kalyani
c) Aihole
D) Banavasi
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25. once Emperor Shatakarni Emperor United Nations agency engineered an enormous expanse in Deccan?
A) Harshavardhana
b) Second Pulakesi
c) seaweed
d) Second Narasimhavarma
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26. Kubja Vishnu Vardhana The second Pulakesi dominated province from that capital of that
A) Vingi
b) Vichunada
c) Pistattura
d) Vijayapuri
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27. during which war was the second Pulakesi the primary to finish Mahadevarman?
A) Pulluluru War
b) Battle of Coppam
c) Sangameshwara War
d) Manimangala War
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28. What dismayed Raju’s attack on a half-block attack on Gujarat?
A) Second Pulsekissi
b) 1st Vikramaditya
c) Second Vikramaditya
d) Second Hymn
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29. during which war was the second Pulakesi disappeared within the 1st Narasimhavera in 642 AD?
A) Battle of Manimangala
b) Battle of
Kunchi c) Battle of Analwar
d) Battle of Banavasi
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30. Badami is that the royal emblem of Chalukya?
A) Pigeon
b) Taurus
c) lion
d) tiger
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31. United Nations agency wrote the Aihole Law?
A) Harisane
b) Ravikirti
c) the primary Pulakeshi
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32. The Temple in Pattadakal, inbuilt the Kailasanathu temple model of Kanchi?
A) Virupaksha
B) Lingarajah Temple
c) Dasavathaarala
D) Sarva Temple
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33. Is Aihole’s Prayer?
A) Durgala
B ) Magadi Jainalayam
C) Ladakhan Temple
D) Lokeswaram
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34. within the Chalukyan amount, that town is legendary for its temples?
A) Aihole
b) Pattadakal
c) Alampur
d) Mahanadi
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35. United Nations agency is that the King of Akbar United Nations agency is that the king of the Hindu rulers?
A) Second Pulsekissi
b) Seasurvedi
c) Harshudu
d) Asoka
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Ts sakshi education study material for free by Job study life 5-

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