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Ts police constable recruitment 2018 notes for free By Job study life 5

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Women’s role in Indian independence movement
1. renowned ladies of Vedic
A) gardi
b) maitreyi
c) dia
d) all higher than
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2. What square measure the rumors of the center Ages?
A) property
b) Devadasi
c) Jauhar
D) especially
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3. United Nations agency could be a social activist United Nations agency has worked arduous to eradicate misery?
A) Raja Rammohan Roy
b) Eshwara Chandra Vidyasagar
c) Kandukuri VereSilingam
D. DK. Garvey
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4. once did the vote Prohibition Act be made?
A) Nov half-dozen, 1930
b) Gregorian calendar month four, 1829
c) October seven, 1856
) three January 1862
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5. As a results of whose efforts the govt lawfully recognized the feminine remuneration on twenty five June
A) Vivekananda
b) Dayanandha Saraswati
c) Eshwarchandra Vidyasagar
D) Athamaram Panduranga
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6. United Nations agency ever created the Saradha Act for kid wedding ban?
A) Keshav Chandrasena
b) Devendra Nath Tagore
c) Peer Charan Sarkar
D) Gaurimohan Vidyalankar
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7. initial feminine teacher?
A) Pandita Ramabai
b) Savitribi Poole
c) Kalimati
D) none
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Amar Jeevan was the primary Indian girl to be authored in eight.1876?
A) Savitibai
b) Hindu deity Baic
c) Rasundari Devi
d) Ramabai
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Ts police constable recruitment 2018 notes for free By Job study life 5
9. United Nations agency is that the initial Indian editor to run the magazine Bharti?
A) Swarnakumari Devi
b) Saraladevi Choudarani
c) Kadambini Ganguly
d) Muthu Subba Hindu deity Reddy
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10. what’s the establishment established by Saraladevi to bring ladies all at once in India?
A) ladies Arya Samaj
b) Indian girl Mandal
c) Seva Sadan
D) girls Society
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11. Was the founding father of the Indian girl Association in 1917?
Anibisant b) Dorati Jinarajadasa
c) Margaret Cousins
D) All
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12. the primary autochthonal colony of girls within the country in 1920 to solid a vote?
A) Jaunpur
b) Junagadh
c) Travancore-Cochin
D) Hyderabad
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13. United Nations agency was the founding father of All Asian nation Women’s Assembly in 1927?
A) Margaret Cousins
b) Kamaladevi
c) Sarojini Naidu
d) Anibisent
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14. United Nations agency vie a number one role within the Quit Asian nation Movement?
A) Hansa Mehta
b) Aruna Asaf Ali
c) Durga Bhai Deshmukh
D) Kamalanehru
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15. Indian initial girl Graduate?
A) Chandramukhi Basu
b) Kadambini Ganguly
c) A, BD
) No
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16. On the subsequent is correct?
A) institution of All-India Muslim Women’s Assembly
in 1916 b) D.K. Carvey initial Women’s school
c) awarded Kaiser-A-Hind title to Pandita avatar Baic in 1919
d) All of the higher than
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17. Graduate
1) institution of girl Tata, girl Abbott National Women’s Council
2) National Congress in Women’s Rights at city Conference
3) Women’s initial Vote for ladies
4) Womens Indian Association
a) 1925
b) 1931
c) 1920
d) 1917
A) 1-a, 2-b , 3-c, 4-d
b) 1-d, 2-c , 3-b, 4-a
-C) 1-b, 2-d , 3-a, 4 -cd
) 1-c, 2-d, 3-a, 4-b
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18. United Nations agency is that the initial Indian girl to receive a doctorate?
A) Anindhi Gopal Joshi
b) Asima Chatterjee
c) Basanti Mitra
D) Kumudini Joshi
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Ts police constable recruitment 2018 notes for free By Job study life 5
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