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Telangana police jobs study material notes for free by Job study life 5

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Sindhu civilization
1. that of the subsequent isn’t far-famed to the Indus people?
1) gold
2) iron
3) silver
4) copper
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2. within which place did Harappana cultivation come back from?
1) Calibangan
2) Lothal
3) Banwali
4) Rupar
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3. within the space associated with the Harappan civilization, what remnants of horse were discovered?
1) Suttgendor
2) Amri
3) Rupar
4) Surkutata
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4. what’s the littlest of the Indus civilization?
1) Lothal
2) Harappa
3) Colibankan
4) Alladinho
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5. What historians claim to be the world’s initial recurrent event port?
1) Visakhapatnam
2) Lothal
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