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Delhi Sultans and Indian economy in Telugu

1. once was the primary Muslim invasion of Asian nation control in India?
1) 637
2) 712
3) 622
4) 710
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2. that of the subsequent is correct?

1) the primary self-made Muslim invasion of Asian nation was the year of self-made conquest. 712

2) Leader of the primary Muslim attack –

3)Mahound Qasim

4)  once Qasim occupies the Indus region, the ruler is Dahir (
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3. World Health Organization were the primary Muslim rulers World Health Organization obligatory jizya tax on Indians?

Environmental problems

1) Turtles

Science and school.

2) Loads
3) Arabs
4) Mughals
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4. what’s correct concerning the Muhammad Ghazni expeditions?
1) one thousand 1027 Gajini invaded seventeen times between Asian nation
2) The notable poet-Alberuni World Health Organization came to Asian nation in conjunction with MuhammadGhazni
3) The Kithab-ul-Hind book by Alberoi explains matters of the eleventh century Asian nation
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5. within which place did Mahmud Ghori invade first?
1) Punjab
2) Multan

Related Topics

3) Sindh

Buzz Around

4) Kashmir
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6. What was the war that helped the institution of the Muslim Empire in India?
1) Second Battle of War
2) initial Battle of War
3) Battle of Chandavar
4) initial Battle of Panipat
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7. what’s the proper sentence within the following?
1) Islam Founder Muhammad Prophet’s Home – Mecca
2) Year of the Muslim calendar 622
3) the pinnacle of all Muslims within the world – Khalifa
4) All ar right
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8. World Health Organization delineated the ‘Arab Assault’ because the “Great Victory”?
1) Halls Haying
2) Stanley Leinpool
3) William Thante
4) James Roche
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9. that of the subsequent is that the correct pair?
1) Sindh capital – Aror
2) Gold town – Multan
3) War between Dahir and Qasim – Rever War
4) All on top of
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10. that is that the notable temple in Gajini fifteenth expedition (in 1025)?
1) Jwalamukhi Temple
2) Srichakaswamy Temple
3) Somnath Temple
4) Pavivevu Kaavu
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11. what’s correct concerning the poets and also the scriptures in Ghazni court?
1) Firdausi – Shamanama
2) Udabi – Tariq e Amini
3) 1, 2
4) None of the on top of
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12. World Health Organization was the son of the Solanki World Health Organization dominated Gujarat throughoutthe attack on the Somnath temple of
1) initial insurance
2) Second insurance
3) Jayasimha
4) Kumarapala
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13. World Health Organization was the Rajpoot ruler World Health Organization resisted Muhammad Ghori within the different war?
1) Prithviraj Chauhan
2) Jayachandra
3) Govind dominion
4) Second Bima
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14. that of the subsequent is that the correct pair?
1) programme – Alberoi
2) Learning the uranology in Kashi
, the primary design designed by Indo-Saracenic Art – Padma Mahal
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15. World Health Organization is that the writer World Health Organization became notable as ‘Homer to Parachik language’?
1) Firdausi
2) Udabi
3) Albaruni
4) Barouni
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16. that was the primary Muslim kinsfolk to rule India?
1) Tuglak

2) Slave
3) Khilji
4) Load
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17. Attach the Sultans of Old Delhi and also the following to their specialties.
Group – a

Group – b

a. Qutubuddin Ibak i. initial Muslim ruler
b. Alauddin Khilji

ii. patrician of all sultans

c. Bahalal lodi

iii. dominated for an extended time

d. Abraham lodi

iv. the sole ruler World Health Organization died within the war

e. Sikander Lodi

v. city town producer

1) ai,





2) av,





3) a-iii,





4) a-iv,





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18. World Health Organization is Old Delhi ruler World Health Organization participated in Diwali and Holi celebrations?
1) Muhammad bin Tughlak
2) Nazaruddin Muhammad
3 ) Balban
4) Il-Tut-Mish
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19. wherever is that the initial building in-built the Indo-Persian vogue, wherever is that the ‘kuvvat-ul-Islam’?
1) Ajmer
2) Agra
3) Delhi
4) Daulatabad
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20. that is that the initial Muslim ruler to explain ‘Raziya Sultana’ because the ruler of Asian nation ?
1) Tabakat – e-Nasiri
2) Tariq-e-Yamii
3) Tariq-e-Mubarak Shahi
4) Tajul Masir

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21. what’s correct concerning the Qutub Minar?
1) Kutubuddin Ibak started construction of {india|India|Republic of Asian nation|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} on the success of Muslims in India
2) Kutubuddin Bhaktiyar kakki, the Sufi saint in honor of the Qutub Minar
3) Qutub Minar height 242 feet
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22. the subsequent is true of the Slave kinsfolk ruler ‘Illtut Mish’?
1) The Mongol invasion of Asian nation ranging from his reign
2) Chihalgani (Chilaisa), a bunch of forty slave
servicemen fashioned, 3) divided the state into “military” units.
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23. World Health Organization is Old Delhi ruler, conjointly called ‘Father of the Grave’?
1) Iltut mish
2) Rakunin Feroze crowned head
3) Bahram crowned head
4) Nasiruddin Muhammad
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24. that of the subsequent is that the right sentence for Balban, the foremost of the Slave kinsfolk rulers?
Baird created a spy system 2) crushed the chihalangi
3) relinquished the traditions in Sultanat
4) All ar right
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25. that of those could be a notable piece of ‘Amir Khusra’ called ‘Urdu Aadhi’?
1) Tughlaq Nama
2) Mifty-ulPutta 3) Aashikhi
4) All the on top of
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26. World Health Organization is that the Old Delhi ruler World Health Organization declared ‘King Shadow of God’ (Jill-e-Ilahi), ‘The Divine Monarchy’

1) Altamas
2) Balbon
3) Firoz crowned head Tughluq
4) Alla Uddin Khilji
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27. Add the subsequent to the dynasties that dominated Old Delhi and their founders:
A. Qutubuddin Ibak

1. The Slave kinsfolk

B. Jalaluddin

2. The Khilji kin group

C. Ghiyajuddin

3. Tuglak kinsfolk

D. Khazari Khan

4. Syed kinsfolk

E. Bahalal

5. Lodhi kinsfolk

1) A -1




E -5

2) A-5,





3) A-3,




E -4

4) A-2,




E -4

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28. The Mongols settled in Asian nation from whose reign in India?
1) Jalaluddin Khilji
2) Kaimermaye
3) Kaighadabad
4) national leader Khilji
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29. the primary Muslim Invasion on Southern Asian nation In 1295, the Yatava was dominated over. once was the
Sultanate of Old Delhi located?
1) Tuglak
2) Khilji
3) Syed
4) Ludhi
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30. World Health Organization is Old Delhi ruler World Health Organization desires world champion as Alexander?
1) Alauddin Khilji
2) Sikinder Lodi
3) Muhammad crowned head Tughluq
4) Ballban

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Delhi Sultans and Indian economy in Telugu

31. that of the subsequent is correct concerning the Alauddin Mehar expedition?
1) Mewar occupied Chittor within the capital in 1303
2) ranee Padmini celebrated ‘Johar’ once King switch Singh died
3) Alliuddin attacked for ranee Padmini consistent with ‘Rani Padmavathi’ by leader Mahound Jaisheh
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32. World Health Organization is that the head of the Alamuddin expedition, World Health Organization is appointed as leader of the South Indian
1) Ulugukhhan
2 ) Nasrat Khan
3) leader Kapoor
4) Khizari Khan
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33. that of the subsequent is that the tax obligatory by Alauddin Khilji?
Ghari 2) Cherry
3) 1, 2
4) None
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34. What ar the foremost necessary of the Alauddin Khalji reforms?
1) Military Reforms
2) Market Reforms
3) Legal Reforms
4. body Reforms
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35. what’s Alauddin’s introduction within the following to strengthen the military system?
1) Chehra – military registration register
2) Dag – horses on the royal
level 3) ‘Ikta’ cancellation and pay money for troopers
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Delhi Sultans and Indian economy in Telugu

36. Add the subsequent to the policies introduced by Allauddeen Khilji.

Group – a

Group – b

A. Diwan – A – Musthagraj

1. Tax dues assortment department

B. Diwan-i-Union

2. value management department

C. Sahanay-a-knee

3. Market worker

D. Sally is Adal

4. Government Market

1) A -1,



T -4

2) A-4,




3) A-3,




4) A-2,



T -3

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37. World Health Organization is that the ruler World Health Organization introduced the ‘Milk Method’ that maybring new farms into cultivation?
1) Ghiyazuddin Tughlaq
2) Muhammad bin Tughluq
3) Feroz crowned head Tughlaq
4) Muhammad crowned head Tughlaq
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38. what’s the right comment concerning Muhammad Bin Tughluq?
1) Despite his experience in several fields, his reforms did not decision him mad Tughlak
2) the primary ruler to go to the Moiunuddin Chisti burial chamber in Ajmer
3) a brand new department referred to as ‘Divan-e-Kohi’ for agricultural development
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39. that book was written by Ibn Battuta, a Moroccan pilgrim World Health Organization visited Old Delhi throughoutthe Mahmud
bin Tughluq period?
1) Tariq-e-Rehlal
2) Safar Naama
3) 1, 2
4) None
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40. Mahound bin Tughluq modified the capital of Old Delhi in 1327 to that a part of India?
1) Degagiri
2) Sea
3) Madhura
4) Sultanabad

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41. Some cities are renamed throughout the land amount. what’s correct within the following?
1) Devgiri – Daulatabad
2) Chittor – Khajaribad
3) Oregal – Sultanpur
4) fine
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42. World Health Organization is that the Old Delhi ruler World Health Organization has obligatory solely four forms of taxes that every one taxes are cleared
by Sharia?
1) Firoz crowned head Tughlaq
2) Bahalal Lodi
3) Mubarikh crowned head
4) Jalaluddin Khilji
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Delhi Sultans and Indian economy in Telugu

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