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History of Gupta empire and bank po study material For 100% free by jsl5

History of Gupta empire and bank po

1. Does one properly associate Guptas administrators?
A) tilupati 1) gajadala President

b) pustapala 2) bhuvikrayala records
e) intensive 3) stenographer
d) saulkika 4) Customs vasuluadhikari

a) 1 2 3 4

b) 2 1 4 3

C) 4 3 2 1


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2. during which royal court ar the Navratnas?

A) Ayodhya


b) Pataliputra

c) Ujjain

d) Prayag
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What business is that the community that migrated from Gujarat to Mandasor throughout the Gupta
A) Powder creating
b) Silk producing
c) preparation of ivory materials
d) ore producing
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4. The Maharajas WHO repaired the Sudan Tilak in numerous periods will realize the proper answer in their
state governors?
A) Maurya Chandra Gupta – Yaan Raja Tussaab
B) Ashoka – Chakrasani

C) Rudra Damana – Pushiyuppudu

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D) Scandalat – Parthadadu
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5. Gupta Official language?
A) Sanskritic language
b) Prakrit
c) Pali
de) Magadhi
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6. what’s the Code of Gospels thought-about because the official law?
A) Narada Memory
b) Parashara Smriti
c) Yavvavakya Smriti
D) Jupiter Code
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7. The flat Scripture?
A) Mountains
b) Kumara incidence
c) Raghuvansam
d) Kirataarjunyam
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8. A Brig Wizard?
A) Brahmagupta
b) Varahamihir
c) Aryabhbaddu
d) Vetu
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9. Nalanda University Producer
A) Kumara Guptu
b) ocean Gupta
c) Budha Gupta
d) Vishnu Gupta
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10. Chandragupta and Kumara Hindu deity ar the places wherever coins don’t seem to be available?
A) Madhura
b) Lucknow
c) Magadha
d) Bayana
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11. Gupta Kings – Properly mix Their Ranges?
A) Chandragupta 1) Dakshadevi 1) Sakti Gupta
2) Kumara Hindu deity
e) Chandragupta -2 3) Mahadevi
E) Kumaragupta -1 4) Dhruvadevi aa
a) 2 1 4 3
b) 1 2 3 4
c) 2 1 3 4
d) 4 3 2 1
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12. Gupta isn’t a capital
A) Prayer
b) Ayodhya
c) Ujjain
d) Varanasi
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13. ar the second moonlight of the Chandragupta court?
A) Kalidas
b) Sushruta
c) Varucci
d) creep 
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14. throughout that king’s invasion was the primary attack occurred?
A) initial Kumara Gupta
b) Second Chandragupta
c) Skanda Gupta
d) Narasimha Gupta

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15. the subsequent columns – attach the beginning years?
A) the epoch 1) 606
) the age of 2) c. 498
e) latency era 3) 249
this) Hera era 4) ca. 319/320

e a) four a pair of three one

b) 2 3 1 4
c) 2 3 4 1
d) 1 3 2 4
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16. determine the executive divisions of the Gupta amount within the correct order?
A) perform – subject – village b) subject – duty – volume – village
c) village – fate – subject material
d) fate – subject – gram 

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17. that of the subsequent scriptures is written on grammar?
A) theory
b) the brightness
c) the cosmic wreath
d) the theoretical theory
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18. throughout the Gupta amount, foreign trade declines ar inadequate?
A) the decline of the empire
b) Declining the standard of exported merchandise
c) Arabs and Chinese competition in military service construction
d) ban on voyage in state of mind
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19. Gupta Raju WHO tortured Buddhists in step with ‘Arya Manjureshi Muttalkpa’?
A) ocean gupta
b) Kacha gupta

c) Narasimha Baladidhi
d) Vishnu Gupta
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20. What king was the king mentioned within the pretense of defeating all the kings on earth?
A) the primary moonlight
b) the second moonlight
c) the seashore
d) the sculptor
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21. Gupta official symbol?
A) tiger
b) garda
c) veena
d) lion
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22. that king was appointed because the representative of the seashore within the Kamarpuda?
A) Bhaskara Varman
b) Hindu deity Varman
c) Pushya Varman
D) woman of the house Varman
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23. King Gandhara WHO sent gifts to the seaside?
A) kiadara
b) cherthata
c) Siddharth
d) Narasimhan
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24. Gupta Raja WHO sent the Embassy to Rome?
A) Puru gupta
b) ocean gupta
c) Kumara gupta
d) burada gupta
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25. Sri Lankan King engineered the Sinhala journey in Bhagwati?
A) Sri Maa Vijayutunga Varma
b) Sri Meghawarma
c) Vijayabahu
D) Kumara Baghu
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26. WHO was the king WHO issued gold coins as he was enjoying the harp?
A) Kumara Gupta
b) Chandragupta Vikramaditya
c) ocean Gupta
d) Shri Gupta
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27. Gupta Raju WHO wrote the book ‘Krishna Charitham’?
A) ocean gupta
b) Narasimha gupta
c) initial Chandragupta
d) Second moonlight
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28. Gupta Raja issued by Ashwamedha coins?
A) Vishnu Gupta
b) ocean gupta
c) Kumara gupta
d) b, c
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History of Gupta empire and bank po

29. that of those is that the town during which Gupta capital flourished?
A) composer
b) Ujjani
c) A, B
) isn’t on top of
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30. WHO is that the supply of the uncertainty?
A) Shri Gupta
b) Chandragupta

c) seasurup
d) Kumarakupatu
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31. Add them to the subsequent.
Group – a

Group – b

1. Encrypted Beginners

a. initial moonlight

2. he’s the simplest of gips

b. Samudra

3. Nalanda University Founder

c. Kumaraguptudu

4. The poets ‘Navaratnam’ ar contend

d. The second moonlight

5. The last ruler of Gupta

e. Vishnugupta

A) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d, 5eb) 1-e, 2-d, 3-c, 4-b, 5-a
c) 1-c, 2- A, 3-d, 4-e, 5-b
d) 1-b, 2-e, 3-d, 4-c, 5-a
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32. that of the subsequent is correct?
A) Gupta rajabhasa ‘Sanskrit’
b) rajamudrika Gupta ‘Garuda’,
c) official nyayapustakam Gupta ‘yajnavalkasmrti’
d) all of the on top of
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33. WHO is that the famed stargazer of the Gupta period?
A) Aryabhata
b) Brahmagupta
c) A, BD
) none 
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34. that foreign soul visited the Gupta empire throughout the second satellite month?
A) pahian
b ) hianyangong
) strawbo d) morpollo
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35. that of the subsequent may be a seashore title?
A) Kaviraju
b) Prakriti
c) Indian Napoleon
D) specifically
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36. WHO is that the author of the Allahabad pillar script of the Surat Guna?
A) Ravikarthy
b) Harisana
c) Budukhurthi
d) Shvarthwara
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37. What scripture is there for Gupras?
A) marijuana
) katha sarisatram c) ethics
d) raghuvansam
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38. what’s the parable that describes the family line?
A) Vishnupuram
b) fisheries
c) aerial story
d) all the on top of
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39. what’s the scripture that describes the wedding of the second moon around the throne?
A) Hindu deity Chandraguptham
b) Sealanti
c) Swapnavasavadthi
D) Komudi Mahotsavam
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40. Add celebrity writers and their texts to the days of the days.
Group – a

Group – b

1.Kummidam competition

a. Vajjika

2. Hindu deity Chandragupta

b. Visakhadattudu

3. morality

c. Kamandhakudu

4. The story of the story

d. Somadevasuri

5. Candace

e. Sudrakudu

A) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d, 5eb) 1-e, 2-d, 3-c, 4-b, 5-a
c) 1-b, 2- A, 3-e, 4-d, 5-c
d) 1-b, 2-e, 3-b, 4-c, 5-a
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41. in step with most historians, that of those classes is that the Gupta?
A) Hindustani
b) Shudra
c) Vysya
D) Brahmin
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History of Gupta empire and bank po

42. that of the subsequent concerning the seashore is correct?
A) defeated twelve kings within the South Indian invasion
b) The Second province invasion of the ninth kings’ council was defeated within the Battle of Kaushambi
c) Coins free
creeping d)
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43. that of the subsequent is correct?
A) religious writing faith became Hindu within the Gupta amount
b) Vishnu was worshiped within the Dasavataras
c) Buddha from the Gupta amount thought-about Vishnu in concert of the Dashavatas
D) All of the on top of
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44sanama ‘ardhasir in step with the Book of the parasika any ruler King guptavansaniki ask for
A) sriguptudu
b) Chandragupta Vikramaditya
c) banuguptudu
D) budhaguptudu
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45. what’s true of the subsequent in respect of Kalidasa navaratnāni magnate?
A) Kalidasa’s plays – malavikagnimitram, data Shakuntala, vikramorvasiyam
b) kavyalu raghuvansam by Kalidasa, meghadutam, Kumar incidence
c) Kalidasa’s epic – the massacre of emission
D) All of the on top of
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46. that of the subsequent is said to the astronomical objects mentioned by Aryabhata?
A) The methodology is explained within the type of asteroids.
B) make a case for the rotation of the
c) the amendment of position zero is modified to
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47. WHO is that the Indian stargazer WHO describes the gravitative power before the Newton?
A) river
b) Aryabhata
c) varahamihirudu
D) ghatakarna
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48. that of those rulers have written the continued religious writing literature?
A) placental
b) Rajputs
c) Gups
d) Cholas
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49. WHO was the primary doctor in India?
A) Sushruta
B) Dhanvantari
) Waktu D. D) At the time of ruling
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50. mix medical texts and their writers at Gupta amount.
Group – a

Group – b

1. Dhanvantari

a. Medicine

2. throughout the ruling

b. Hastayurvedam

3. Succeer

c. Sushruta Veda

4. Sagittarius

d. Astangasangraham

A) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d
b) 1-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a
C) 1-b, 2-d, 3-a, 4- C
) 1-c, 2-a, 3-d, 4-b
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51. A ruler of the dominion hidden from the time the invasion began hunulane foreign groups?
A) budhagupta
b) the emperor Kumara Gupta
c) Skandagupta
D) Narasimha baladitya
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52. that is that the most distinguished law particularisation the success of the second Chandragupta
(Chandragupta Vikramaditya)?
A) Mehrauli ironing statute
) erran inscription c) dictate statute
d) junaghad legislation
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53. In whose reign Asian country was the golden age of glory?
A) Gups
b) Mauryas
c) Pals
d) Rajputs
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54. WHO was the Gupta ruler WHO defeated Toramana, a distinguished leader of the Nation?
scandal b) Narasimha Baladitya
c) Vishnugupta
d) Kumaragupta
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55. that of the subsequent statements concerning the marginalisation of firearms was the primary inscription on
the gap?
A) Euron Statute
b) Nalanda Statute
c) Madrasore Statute
d) Sanchi Statute
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56. that of the subsequent is correct?
A) Guptas divided the state into ‘Bhukti’ states.
B) the ruler ‘teacher’ to the builder
c) the ‘Panchamandala Sabha’ within the village rule
d) All of the on top of
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57. what’s the design of Gupta sort of architecture? bank po
A) town vogue
b) Dravidian vogue
c) domestic vogue
d) moody vogue
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58. that of the subsequent is that the famed port town of Gupta period?
A) ‘Tamarlapitiya’ within the East ‘Brow’ within the
West (
c) A, B
) above
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59. What ar the cave temples engineered throughout the Gupta period?
A) Ajanta
B) Bhag
C) Udayagiri
D) All on top of
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60. that of those may be a famed temple engineered throughout the Gupta period?
A) Devghar – Dashavatara temple

b) Bhimana – Shiva Temple
c) Nachanakatara – Parvati Temple
D) All the on top of
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61. throughout the Gupta amount, what proportion did the land belong to the land?
A) 1/6
b) 2/5
c) 1/2
d) 3/5
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History of Gupta empire and bank po

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