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Ap constable syllabus in Telugu and all states in India for Free by Jsl5

Ap constable syllabus in Telugu and all states in India for Free by Jsl5 with Bit Banks Education You will Find All 100% Free Course and Best Material For Your Career and You can also Prepare for All Kind of Government Jobs in India
Tribal movements
1. The reason behind social group movements in British rule?
1) making an attempt to include social group areas into British people Empire
2) British government forest laws
3) intervention in social group culture and practices
4) above
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2. Forest Act created throughout British rule?
1) biological science management Act-1865
2) Indian Forest Act -1878
3) Indian Forest Act -1927
4) All on top of
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Who junction rectifier the revolt in 1879 within the Rampa area?
1) Thamanna Dodara
2) Gamu Dora
3) Dodu Dora
4) nobody is
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4. The rebellion of the questionable rebellious rebellion
1) Coal Rebellion
2) Santhal Rebellion
3) Khandu Rebellion
4) Munda Rebellion
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5. within the Chotanagpur space,
1) Munda conflict
2) Cole conflict
3) Tana Bhagat rebellion
4) All on top of
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6. Telangana social group Combat Commander Komaram Bhim was born within the district?
1) Adilabad
2) Karimnagar
3) Warangal
4) Nizamabad
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7. The social group leader UN agency gave the expression ‘Jal, Jangal, Jameen’ (Water, Forest, Land)?
1) Birsamunda
2) Komaram Bhim
3) Sidhu
4) Seetharama Raju
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8. Communist leader UN agency wrote ‘Komaram Bhim biography’?
1) T. Nagir Reddy
2) K. Seetharamayya
3) Puchalapalli Sundarayya
4) VHR
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9. Add the following?
A) The Gond revolt 1) William Sitaramarajunu
b) manyam rebel 2) Sidhu, kanhu
c) Santhal rebellion 3) cinaboyidora, cakraboyidora
D) khondula conflict 4) Komaram Bhim
1) A-1, B-2, C-3, D- 4
2) A-4, B -3, C -2, D-1
3) A-2, B-3, C -1, D-
4 4) A-4, B -1, C -2, D -3
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10. social group revolt that has achieved combat objectives?
1) Varley Rebellion
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Ap constable syllabus in Telugu and all states in India for Free by Jsl5
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